One Hundred and Fifty Four

facialsTonight I’m thankful for the kindness of a client who offered me the gift of one of her spa facials as a thank you for the design work she hires me to do for her… I know, right? A free facial… just for doing my job…

Let me tell you, my skin is glowing now, and so smooth!!

But more than that, my soul is soothed. She had no idea what this year has held for us; the way the foundations of everything are shaking; the disappointments and despair. She just wanted to reach out and give me a gift.

And somehow, receiving my first spa facial has spoken to my heart tonight.

It’s all going to be okay.

Thank You, Lord, for Your kindness and care. And for this sweet client who is such a blessing to so many. And for a clean, fresh face to turn toward tomorrow…


One Hundred and Fifty Three: “He will come to us like rain” {Hosea 6:3}

After a long hiatus I’m back full of thankfulness for the love of Jesus. His incredible love!

Formidable Kingdom

Have you ever been loved so fiercely that the person who loved you never asked you to love them back?  Have you ever been in a relationship where your lover actually asked nothing from you, expected nothing of you, went on loving you when you rejected and neglected and even if you cheated on them?

Yes, you have.  You are in a relationship like that.  That’s what our relationship with Jesus is like.

When we meet Him for the first time we can’t believe the weight of relief, of gratitude, of delight, of amazement that this awesome wonderful King would love us enough to die for us while we were still in the middle of our sin.  While we were still in the middle of rejecting Him.  We cannot fathom such grace that would go to the cross in our place, that would look at our sin and love us…

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