One Hundred and Fifty Three: “He will come to us like rain” {Hosea 6:3}

After a long hiatus I’m back full of thankfulness for the love of Jesus. His incredible love!

Formidable Kingdom

Have you ever been loved so fiercely that the person who loved you never asked you to love them back?  Have you ever been in a relationship where your lover actually asked nothing from you, expected nothing of you, went on loving you when you rejected and neglected and even if you cheated on them?

Yes, you have.  You are in a relationship like that.  That’s what our relationship with Jesus is like.

When we meet Him for the first time we can’t believe the weight of relief, of gratitude, of delight, of amazement that this awesome wonderful King would love us enough to die for us while we were still in the middle of our sin.  While we were still in the middle of rejecting Him.  We cannot fathom such grace that would go to the cross in our place, that would look at our sin and love us…

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One hundred and fifty

As I declare the truths of Christ crucified and raised across all social media platforms and in person this Easter, I find myself keenly aware of how lucky I am to be able to do that.  So many of my Christian brothers and sisters around the world are being slaughtered daily for professing the very same beliefs.  I will not be complacent just because by virtue of where I was born, the opposition I encounter here is not in the least bit violent. I thank God that I am still free to profess my faith, even if people don’t always like to hear it.  I thank Him for my current freedom, knowing that it is not guaranteed. I also pray for His suffering, but GROWING church. Christ has said that He will build His church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. He is doing just that.

I stand in prayer that my God would comfort the families and friends of dear ones who have been martyred because they were not ashamed of the gospel.  I plead with the Lord to stop the bloodshed, I ask him (as Jesus does) to BLESS and move the hearts of those who would violently oppose Christianity by killing so many.  They are human just like me.  Father forgive them, they know not what they do.  Thank you that those who have died are now living forever in heaven, welcomed into the Everlasting Arms, every tear wiped away, hearing the words “Well done, good and faithful servant, now come, share my Father’s joy!”

One hundred and forty nine


Ever living Saviour, you are more alive, more real, more corporeal than anything in all creation.  You were before anything was, you will be even when everything ceases.  Your LIFE is so vigorous, so explosive, so what hope did the grave ever have of holding you?  Thank you for making yourself sin, for submitting to death for me, going against your very nature.  But more than that, thank you that you blasted through the doors of death in glorious, earth shattering, exhuberant LIFE!!!  Praise you Jesus!  Your LIFE is my hope and crown!  I will praise you forever my eternal King!

One hundred and forty eight

I had a picture from the Lord of myself out on a vast, dark and foreboding sea.  I wasn’t in the water though, I was in a tiny row boat, and Jesus was in the boat with me.  My interpretation is that through the storms of life that can feel so overwhelming and consuming we are safe in the boat with Jesus.  We still have to go through the tough stuff, but we will prevail, because he has the victory. Mighty Saviour.  Glorious Lord.

One hundred and eight through one hundred and twenty

108.  For dear friends.
109. For fellowship.
110. For the privilege of staying home to raise my kids.
111. For the blessing of a new (to us) car having been practically carless since last May!
112. For the earnest prayers of 4 year old daughters.
113. For little daughters belting out ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen.
114.  For tickets to see my favourite band in May.
115. For challenging behaviour from my daughter, and all the Lord teaches me about unconditional love and patience through her.
116. For the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit, and subtle growth in spiritual maturity.
117. For a season to learn but also to deeply know where and what my true worth is.
118. For beginning to see Jesus free me from things that have kept me bound for years.
119. For restored relationships.
120. For mothers and fathers, by blood or marriage.  They have blessed and go on blessing my life every day.

One hundred and eight

I’m thankful that my hair is finally growing long where I lost it after having my second child.  Hair is such a blessing, and you don’t realise it til it’s gone.  I’m thankful for it just the way it is, no more wishing it was more this or less that.  I’m thankful it’s mine and I’m thankful I have it!

One hundred and six

The transformative and restorative power of the gospel.  I’m currently partaking in the Freedom in Christ course, and am revelling in re-learning so many beautiful spiritual truths.  My favourite, and one of the most fundamental, is that, when we are IN CHRIST, we are no longer sinners, but saints.  Saints who sometimes sin.  That’s like being spotlessly clean but putting on a dirty coat.  The coat, or, in this allegory, our sin, doesn’t change who we are – spotlessly clean – and we can take it off thanks to the saving work of Christ on the cross.  So much of our lives is spent living like we are still sinners, but Christ tells us we don’t need to – he says “I’ve made you holy, now ACT holy!”

Thank you Jesus for your work on the cross that we can be made free and whole, and wholly holy!