…Making homemade Thai curry for my handsome and appreciative love.


And then enjoying said delicious curry 🙂 🙂 Thank You, Lord, for Your provision and the gift it is to be able to appreciate together what we’re given…



Thank you, dear Father, for restoration.



Photo courtesy of a photog friend of mine, Leah Sandretsky, taken as a headshot for my new business, Whispers of Light Photography!

I’m thankful to have booked my first wedding today!! I’m so thankful for photography and the chance to capture bits of God’s beauty and express it this way, and bless the people I’m taking photos for. Such a release and a joy, and such an exciting new career opportunity for me. I am praying that the Lord will continue to grow me and my skill and help me to thrive in this business so that I can work freelance and be home with my family someday…


Thank You for the precious children in Uganda and all the lessons to be learned in their bright smiles and deep brown eyes.


Bless them, Lord. Hold them close. Show them your compassionate heart for the orphan and the inheritance they have in their heavenly Father’s arms…

May they, and we, be world-changers in our lifetimes because we trust You!


For having a house to be houseproud of.  I may not enjoy the cleaning and tidying, but I love seeing it sparkle.  I love welcoming people into my home, providing hospitality with my limited cooking skills, a warm mug and an open heart.

I love the soothing living room with its period fireplace and soft muted colour scheme.  I love the original tiles and stained glass.  I love our compact yet beautifully finished kitchen.  I love my bath, I love my bedroom.  I love the way this house, owned by Christians, feels palpably peaceful.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this place.  May I use it to your glory, and never let it replace you in my affections.

May my gratitude flow when I sweep its floors and scrub its surfaces.  May I find You in the jobs that I could lean towards hating.  May I have opportunities to serve You and others in this house:  my husband, my children, and all those who come through the door.  May this home be a place of blessing, peace and praise!