One Hundred and Three

I’m very thankful for all the resources we have available to us to learn about the Lord and to be encouraged to walk in His ways. Sometimes I think about what it was like for the nation of Israel long ago. And for the early Christians, meeting together and reading and re-reading the letters they received from the other churches in and around the Roman Empire… They had so little available to them to encourage and bolster their faith like we have with the Bible. I mean, most of us have more than one translation, you know? It’s incredible. And yet, still I spend so much less time studying it as I should to lift up my heart, my thoughts, to grow in wisdom, to develop my faith.

There have been times in my walk with God when I have struggled to “get in to” the ancient text of the Bible– when it has been dry to me. And those times I have been exceedingly thankful for all the other resources there are out there for us in this digital age. I have especially loved– you can go and stream free audio bible studies, sermons, etc, from your favourite bible teachers! I’ve recently been given the gift of a free membership to from our new church. These are actual videos of bible study series. I love being able to have some encouraging and enlightening teachings on in the background of whatever my hands are busy with. Yesterday, I listened to a Mark Batterson bible study on prayer while baking. I find with my melancholic nature and this long long frigid winter, I need to be feeding myself encouragement and hope every chance I get or things just get too dark…

Do you thirst for encouragement for your faith? The options truly are endless. Even can be a valuable source of bible teachings. Don’t let your soul starve for lack of motivation to find the encouragement you’re needing. Rip into that bible study you’ve been meaning to do– that workbook has been on the shelf far too long. Or  if your hands are busy, hop onto and search for your favourite Bible teacher to play out while you work. Even most churches have sermons recorded on their websites now. Go check them out! The resources to feed our faith and our souls are infinite!! Redeem the moments…

Thank You, Lord, for how You feed us…


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