4 years ago today, my darling little nephew Kenan was born in my big sis’s family. He very swiftly stole this Auntie’s heart and has not given it back to me yet!! I am SO thankful for this sweet, little, handsome man– for his big, loving heart (he makes EVERYONE his friend!), his constant wonder at life (curiosity is NOT naughtiness!), his tiny little voice (his little speech impediment may endear him to me all the more!), the way he says, “Me da you, Auntie!” (Which means I love you) out of the blue at any given moment, his little arms wrapping around my neck… Oh! I had no idea that being an Auntie would be this wonderful, or that my heart could love these 6 little people in my life so very very much. I love you, Kenan-buddy! You are one of the most precious people in my whole wide world 🙂

Thank You, Lord, for giving us this darling boy!!!


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